Performance A Imitação da Rosa

Called “The Imitation of the Rose” Panmela Castro’s performance invites the female audience to interact with the dress-work.

The notion of sorority is at the heart this work – and not only unity among women, but also empathy and the search to achieve common goals. The work performed at the Republic Museum gardens is a celebration of sisterhood that started with this campaign to raise money for my dress’s fabric .

This performance was part of the exhibition curated by Isabel Portella “We are All Clarice”, with works by twenty artists that honor Clarice Lispector. Through her many stories and characters, Clarice depicted the imprisonment of the female condition and the intense desire for freedom. A parallel with the notion of epiphany in her work will be made in the performance “The Imitation of the Rose”.

Museu da República

With the invitation of the curator Isabel Portella, Panmela Castro creates the performance The Imitation of the Rose, inspired by the epiphany of Clarice Lispector's text. The work begins with a crowdfunding campaign where people, especially women, made donations to purchase the fabric of the performance dress. As well as in the performance Why ?, Dona Elizabeth, the artist's mother and recurring figure in her production, stitches the immense dress in the museum's gardens. On the day of the action, the public joins the artist in the Siamese dress created with 600 m of fabric purchased with donations money, and walks through the gardens of the museum: a reference to the sorority that Panmela starts to address in her works.

Signeted and numbered, Crowd-fund receipted printed as a gift for who contribute.