Between the years 1946 and 1947, the important French American artist Louise Bourgeois created a series of paintings Femme Maison addressing the issue of female identity. Panmela Castro perceives violence against women as a problem of female identity, and thus - in the wake of Brazilian alarms - even in 2017, there is still a question of being debated. Taking advantage of this title, she creates her first work of the series with she constructed during the months of May, June and July in her studio at Catete and mounted by the invitation of the curator Daniela Labra in August, in the Sesc of Sorocaba for the Frestas Triennial of Arts.

In this first work, #FemmeMaison, Panmela asked her mother to prepare a decoration of a doll's house in the mold of her old bedroom in the neighborhood of Penha. Once the mission is accomplished and the work is installed, the public can enter the space, experimenting with paraphernalia and taking photographs.